Dominique Ansel x Felix Roasting Co. Whole Coffee Beans


Dominique Ansel Bakery & Felix Roasting Co. – the finest pairing in coffee craftsmanship and pastry artistry – have come together to bring you our “Some Kind of Wonderful” coffee blend. This exclusive whole-bean coffee blend is gently roasted to perfection, with notes of chocolate, brown sugar, walnut, and molasses. Perfect with a morning croissant or DKA!
This new signature blend comes from Jampit Estate in Eastern Java on the Ijen Plateau of Indonesia. The estate largely produces Catimor and Typica varieties on lush, volcanic soil. Unlike Sumatra and Sulawesi, Jampit Estate uses a wet processing method, producing a distinctly clean cup with low acidity, big body, some nice chocolatey notes and a sweet finish.
10oz bag of whole coffee beans.

Please note: These are whole coffee beans (not ground).

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